Off-camera lighting

Recently, I bought a pair of Vivitar 285HV strobes with pair of Elinchrom Skyport Universal receivers with matching transmitter. Because I’m so “smart”, after I made my order at Adorama camera (U.S), I found some interesting information that Elinchrom Skyports are not compatible with my Vivitars (GLUPANEEE, GLUPANEE…). So… disappointed… trying to find some reasonable solution… BINGO… FlashZebra has matching cables… GREAT!!!… but… guy from FZ told me that my  country postal service (Bosnian postal service) is on the list of most unreliable postal services in the world so he can not guarantee that package will come to me (tell me something I don’t know). So… I risked and I ordered a pair. I’m still waiting.

Other part of a story is that I’m not a patient guy and I want to take some pictures with my new equipment right now. So… again… I google it a bit and on Flickr discussions I found a solution for the problem I have. In short… it is necessary to find a 22nF/400V capacitor and solder it somewhere in a cable circuit. I took a Vivitar connector on one end (original cable that comes with strobe) and solder a capacitor on 3.5 mm jack socket and that’s it (many thanks to my friend Vlado Ličanin who did it for me). It is not pretty but it works. Now I can be cool while waiting FlashZebra cables.

elinchrom skyports + vivitars 285HV
elinchrom + vivitar

Here is an quick testing of everything. Model is my great friend Doni who has been patient to pose to me afer a tennis match.

Author: Igor Motl

Freelance photographer from Prijedor, Bosnia whos work is mainly based on portrait photography and photo stories.

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