The real Holly Wood



Old wooden (serbian orthodox) church in village Marićka near Prijedor. One of five in that region. Church is around 200 years old and was built in oak forest. Those kind of churches are characteristic for region of Serbia and BiH. Interesting thing is that there is one oak tree for which is believed that is more then 500 years old.


There is a legend of how these churches were built and why. Turks (Turkish empire), who ruled these regions almost for 5 centuries, allowed to the local population to built churches but only if they could built it in ONE NIGHT.


Another interesting characteristic is mobility of these churches. It was pretty easy to move one from one place to another.


Here are some pictures of that old oak tree. It is amazing to stand next to it.



Most of the pictures are made as HDRs and out of 7 images and more. I decided to do it with more images I could because clouds were moving very fast so I needed smooth transition in my final image.

Author: Igor Motl

Freelance photographer from Prijedor, Bosnia whos work is mainly based on portrait photography and photo stories.

13 thoughts on “The real Holly Wood”

  1. Beutiful pictures! I love HDR, but I didn’t use it yet. Very interesting story about the history! I love oaks! I was in a virgin forest where oaks are three hundred years old.

  2. Thank you guys.
    I’ll try to visit all five of those churches. Each has a story of its own. This one is more representative and I think the biggest. Yes, HDR, I love it too, but not using to often. It is easy to go too much with it.

  3. Wonderful photos! And good HDRs too, I didn’t even notice they’re HDR, which is good 🙂 I’d love to see all 4 churches as a series.

  4. Bruda, I am proud to be your cousin. 🙂 I love these pictures. Just go on.
    Also I would like to see these churches captured with one of your magic primes. You know…straight lines, beautiful bokeh… 🙂

  5. Sjajne fotke kume!Odličan obrada i kadriranje,stvarno po mom ukusu. Znaš da imam običaj da nađem zamerku(samo ako je ima naravno) ali ovde mi ne uspeva.Sjajna serija.,čestitam. 🙂

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