wooden church jelicka4

Another old wooden church in village Jelićka near Prijedor (cca 30km sout-east) in Republic of Srpska, BiH. Church is between 200 and 300 years old and it is very accessible on the regional road to Banja Luka over Bronzani Majdan.

wooden church jelicka1

Church is currently under reconstruction (internal) and it is under the state protection as a national monument.

wooden church jelicka2

Characteristic of these churches are high roof and small entrance door. Why?



Legend says that Turkish soldiers liked to go in to churches on their horses. So… people build small doors to prevent it. Not only that. They built it small so when Turkish soldier wanted to enter on foot, he would need to crouch so he would unintentionally “give respect to God”. Another thing that Turkish soldiers did, was taking women, so that is why high floors. There was hidden stairway next to the entrance door so women were upstairs in secret chamber so Turks couldn’t find them.

Next to this old church is new modern church.

Again, first three pictures are HDRs. I had a dilemma, to shoot classic pictures or try with HDR again. Weather conditions were bad, heavy overcast with light mist. I decided to do HDR because of the snow which is very bright in opposite to very dark wood and trees. HDR gives you opportunity to bring out that light snow structure and gives better texture to image in general.

Author: Igor Motl

Freelance photographer from Prijedor, Bosnia whos work is mainly based on portrait photography and photo stories.

6 thoughts on “Storyteller”

  1. Wonderful photographs again! And the whole place looks nice too.

    I guess that HDR doesn’t look so “nasty” with black&white photos. Or you’re just so skilled with the technique 🙂

    Have you tried pseudo-HDR from a single raw image, on other photos (praticularly the fourth one)?

    Hope to see some more bw-winter-hdr-church- photos 🙂

    1. Thanks you guys.
      @Darko: Yes! HDR looks better on bw images even if you went too much with it. I experimented a lot so, there is a bit skill too 🙂
      I tried with onephotoHDR but only with Topaz Adjust filter and I was pretty satisfied with result. You can see it here.
      More to come very soon.

  2. Odličan nastavak odlične serije.Moram priznati da si se fino uštelio sa tom obradom.Extra su i te crkve,nadam se da ćeš me voditi jedared.
    P.S:Čini mi se da ova treća fotka preti da iscuri na desnu stranu 🙂

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