homage to a wanderer

I shot this picture maybe a year and a half ago and by accident. I was just in a search for a portrait background and I saw a boy playing with this dog. Even at first sight, I noticed that dog walks pretty funny. A boy told me a story of how rough life that dog had. First, his parents brought a puppy home who was hit by a car on open road and they were planing to carry him away to a veterinarian for euthanasia first thing next morning. Dog had both front legs broken. But in the morning, by some miracle, dog was very cheerful and and they decided to cure him by themselves. In a few months, dog was able to walk… a bit funny with his curved legs… but he was walking.
Their home with not so big yard is next to a railroad which was a playground for a boy with a dog. On some ugly winter day, boy had a flue and could go outside to play. A dog (who’s name was just simple “a dog”, “ćuko” – on serbian) was wandering across railroad when suddenly train just kicked him away. A boy didn’t see it but he heard a painful sound. He found a dog few meters far from railroad covered in blood. His parents weren’t at home so he decided to clean him with a towel and bring him in house. He argued with mom and dad not to carry him again for euthanasia and he told them that dog will be fine again right in the morning. Again, miracle… dog was eating and barking just the next day. He couldn’t walk again but not for long. Few days after, a boy and a dog were outside playing on the same railroad tracks. Boy told me that after the train accident, dog walks better then before, so he guess that train actually fixed his dog.

Today, because of bad and freezing weather, I couldn’t shoot portraits that I planed even for few days ago, but I just delay it day by day, I decided to search for a possible location for my next portrait. I met that same boy… but haven’t seen a dog. Boy hardly remembers me and he just told me that “a dog” is dead because even if it looked like that train fixed a dog, the train broke him bad.
I felt sorrow, because of the dog and also because of a boy.
This is my Homage to “a dog”!

Author: Igor Motl

Freelance photographer from Prijedor, Bosnia whos work is mainly based on portrait photography and photo stories.

3 thoughts on “homage to a wanderer”

    1. Yes, you probably saw it in my flat. Thank you. I had a dog twice, and every time it finished tragically. I love dogs. I felt bad when you wrote about dogs you carried to euthanasia.

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