I believe I can fly!!!

This Sunday, I had an opportunity to fly a bit with local aero-club pilots. (Many thanks to Vanja and Nešo)
Some 14 years ago I was on a training to become air glider pilot but after my theoretical exams, I didn’t passed the medicals. I have some problem with my eyes which is not treatable. I can not see a difference between green and red color in spectrum. So, after 14 years of disappointment, I’m airborne. I flew on a Piper and Utva plane.




Flight control 🙂

A beautiful experience!!! In all that excitement, I forgot to put a CF card in to my camera and all my reserved cards I left in my backpack. I realized that when we were 300 meters high. 😦 Stupid!!!
So, my mobile phone was my only witness 🙂 I recommend this to everyone, but not to be stupid as I was.


Author: Igor Motl

Freelance photographer from Prijedor, Bosnia whos work is mainly based on portrait photography and photo stories.

8 thoughts on “I believe I can fly!!!”

  1. Nemoj se sikirati, sve je u redu dok nema propadanja, a najbolje je da si prehlađen kad si gore onda navodno curi na sve strane. Pričali mi nisam doživio…mislim to s prehladom ali imam neka druga iskustva tj sasvim drugačije nešto…CF kartice hm! Slijedeći put ćeš nositi oko vrata zapakovanu ili u čarapama eto…

  2. da, svakomu se to več desilo sa više manje nezgodnom rezultatu. Ja uvjek kad idem od kuče okinem jedan snimak, da vidim dali sve radi, jer sam zaboravio i bateriju, nisam dobro navio objektiv i neki stravični error se mi pojavio, i tako…
    Sretno jarane!

  3. You have a great blog! I really enjoy your photography. Great ART! (My brother has same problem with the eyes and could not be a pilot either. 😦 )

    I am an Orthodox Christian artist in the USA> I hope you do not mind I add your link to my blogroll. 🙂

    Very warm wishes to you,

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