Snow conquered Balkan peninsula and today was first decent day for going outside. Sunny but cold. While I’m writing this post, outside temperature is -25,2 C.
This Fall, I covered fish extraction from fish pond “Saničani” in Prijedor. They liked it and did a calendar with my images and hired me once more for next year “all seasons” calendar (for 2011), so I started immediately.




2009 is at the end, and I believe it is a time when we recapitulate our ups and downs, our success, our bad or good decisions.
I found mine to be successful more than I was thinking while it lasts. I made some images that I’m truly satisfied with. Made more jobs then in 2008. Self-published a book, had an exhibition, bought some new equipment, and despite economy crisis I must say that this year was successful for me. Not so much financially but emotional and with self satisfaction with tendency to be better (husband, friend, photographer, man).
Feel free to share your view of 2009, in general or in your life.

I wish you all happy holidays and successful next year!!!

P.S. A friend told me yesterday that he would like to erase this year from his life. Too bad!!!
Make every year, a year that counts no matter in which segment but make it memorable. Life is too short to have a year to spare.

All the best to all of you out there!!!

Author: Igor Motl

Freelance photographer from Prijedor, Bosnia whos work is mainly based on portrait photography and photo stories.

11 thoughts on “Frozen”

  1. Čestitam … srećno … mudro rečeno … happy time … 🙂
    Čitajući tvoj text našao sam se u njemu 80% (nisam izdao knjigu i imao izložbu … lol …)
    Pozdrav tebi i Dragani …

    Matej, Ana i Igor


  2. Sve najbolje Igore!

    Neka i sledeće godine bude knjiga, par izložbi (da ne pominjemo ono ljubav zdravlje…)
    A i da se jednom prilikom sretnemo!

    Puno pozdrava

  3. Hvala Darko!!!

    Moj put za BG je otpao u decembru ali se sigurno vidimo u februaru.
    Sve najbolje sa “Svetla Komora” i “Belgrade Raw”

    @bruda: Otoplilo nešto naglo danas, da ti to ne razmišljaš možda da nazoveš ili ne daj Bože, navratiš? 🙂

  4. Odlično Igore, baš se mi sviđa tvoj crnobjeli svet. Tvoja godina nije bila loša, jeli tako? Vjenčanje i to 🙂 I moja je bila odlična i osječam, da če biti sledeča još bolja!

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