Funky, odd New Year’s Eve

At first, I started this post with some philosophical statements about Balkan, Bosnia and people who lives here, but I realized that all of my statements are cliche and stereotypes that I’m trying to avoid.
The point is that I’m no good with words, and I believe I’m better through pictures.
My wife and I, decided to stay at home for the New Year’s Eve, have a nice dinner and maybe to go out to see some fireworks. I must admit, that last time I stayed home for New Year was some 15 years ago. So, for the first time in some period of time, I’m looking at New Year’s welcoming euphoria from certain distance and more like a bystander.
So, instead of only good fun and party, I experienced truly bad weather (thunders and lightning, ice storm and heavy rain), electricity power failures and lot of noise from fire crackers. Still, we had a nice time, eating, talking…
A friend came just a half an hour before midnight so we went out all together. So, this is what I saw:



city square two minutes before midnight 🙂


Ok, now, the technical part.
All images were made with Panasonic Lumix GF1 camera that I bought few weeks ago. I fell in love with it. It is compact, light, well built camera that in combination with 20mm 1.7 lens is producing images that are comparable with DSLR cameras with bigger sensor (ok, not with all cameras and not on ISO values at 1600 and higher).
In short, camera that can go with you literally everywhere but not consuming a space or effort to carry it.
I’m preparing a short (full of images) review of it, so if you are interested what is my point of view and my opinion on that camera, stay on or subscribe to my posts. For now, I will just say that it is great piece of equipment with very few things that could be slightly better. Great camera!!!

Author: Igor Motl

Freelance photographer from Prijedor, Bosnia whos work is mainly based on portrait photography and photo stories.

9 thoughts on “Funky, odd New Year’s Eve”

  1. Joj raja, joj paradaja …

    Mislim da si sve pokazao sa ovih 5 slika …
    (nisu potrebne ostale …)

    Sjedi … 5+ …

    Veliki pozdrav za tebe i Draganu …

  2. Rekao i malo se lomio zbog finder-a ali vjerovatno će biti taj izbor prvenstveno zbog tog što me nervira teška artiljerija kako Igor kaže a to su famozni C i N. Da li treba da dodam još slova ili svi znaju o kojim imenima se radi…

  3. Hmmm … pa dobro sa finder-om ili bez njega … stvar je navike i sl.
    Ostalo … kako sam vidio dpreview GF1 je super …
    I mene nervira nosanje ruksaka, torbetina …
    i trebao bi uzeti neki manji, tanji, dzepni …
    A za C ili N … preferiram N …



  4. GF1 je opravdao svoju svrhu. Meni je važno da tako mali aparat ima dovoljno veliki senzor zbog kvaliteta fotografije, samim tim i kontrolu dubinske oštrine koja je gotovo nemoguća na P&S aparatima sličnih dimenzija opet zbog veličine senzora a i dovoljno brz objektiv koji uz pomenutu kontrolu dubinske oštrine dopušta i fotografisanje u slabijim svjetlosnim uslovima. Toplo preporučujem 🙂

  5. Bruda oš da ti prodam dobar teleobjektiv za male pare? Zuiko 40-150, maksimalni i minimalni otvor blende f11, nije puno prešao, a nema ni ogrebotina, crn. Sjenilo dajem pride. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Neka ti je sa srećom Lumiks i neka te dobro služi.
    Fotke su ti aj zdra’o (a i ne volim ovaj izraz) predobre.

  6. Well the photos fooled me as I did think they were taken from a good DSLR with good glass!! well done you. I need to invest in a compact and you have made my mind up. I use the Nikon D3 for almost all my work.

    1. Yes… GF1 is not DSLR but 20mm 1.7 is great lens. I must say that images taken with GF1 can match with some taken with best SLR. Ok, there are some limitations, and you need to be aware of them – ISO 800 is usable, but all above hmmmm… maybe for some sort of images; GF1 has a mechanical shutter so final sync speed is 1/160 but, is capable for off camera flash photography. Dynamic range is similar as on APS sensor type DSLR, but with RAW you can do what ever you need. AF is very fast except in low light (low contrast) conditions. I’ll post a review of my own so you will be able to much more images I did with GF1. It is a bit expensive but I’m not disappointed not even a little. I recommend this camera.

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