Short Spring Report

sanicani may-4
I’ve been away from my blog for some time. I have a lot of work to show but no time do it. Currently, I’m waiting for some more info about my possible exhibition at the end of May in Gallery 96. Also, I’m preparing a new story where I will try to resurrect a small mountain town, that has been abandoned some 40 years ago. Still working on a fish pond calendar for next year and here are some photos from few days ago.
sanicani may

sanicani may-2

sanicani may-3

Author: Igor Motl

Freelance photographer from Prijedor, Bosnia whos work is mainly based on portrait photography and photo stories.

13 thoughts on “Short Spring Report”

  1. Dear Leopardman,

    I am a long time fan but first time contributer on this blog (I think). Borut mentioned that he was a guest commentator on this blog and I want to be wherever Borut is. Whereas most people who will post comments on your blog will speak about your work, I will continually and exclusively comment about Borut’s other posts past and present. Sometimes I will make sense and sometimes I won’t. It will be that simple. I hope you will enjoy my time invested here.

    Igor Petrovic hello…I remember you from Borut’s blog…

    See you soon.

  2. Thank you my main Jaran Chefur man.
    I’m honored you took some time to contribute on my poor Bosnian blog.
    Now, let’s talk some serious things. As you said, you do what ever Borut did, so did you ever consider to come here in Bosnia. I will welcome you as best as I can and I could organize you an exhibition here. Think about it.
    I’m looking forward to our next cyber meeting on our favorite Slovenian cyber playground.
    I’m enjoying any of our conversations.
    Stay well and crisp…

  3. Jaran Chefur was here! Great! I’m convincing him that he should start a blog, but he’s (rightfully) concerned that readers will mock him as he mocks others.
    he, he…
    Nice pics of fishpond! I’m also working on a Meditarian motifs. Water is photogenic!

  4. Borut,

    What the fuck are you doing here! What’s up? You Slovenes are always everywhere. At first there were Mexicans everywhere, then Chinese restaurants popped up on every street corner and now the Slovenes are commenting on everyone’s use of red filters! AHHHHHHHH!

    I’d love to have a blog but Borut is right here…being mocked is no laughing matter. It’s a tough business and I don’t have the stomach for it.

    Leopardman, I’d love to have an exhibition in Bosnia (will have to look on a map where it is because ever since Yugoslavia broke up I have no idea where it might be…you’ll have to give me a quick rundown of that story as so I don’t make any faux pas socially).

    Actually my long time desire in Bosnia would be to open a vegetarian Burek stand. I think that is the future there…and Borut can tell you…eating meat is gay!

    1. Talking about vegetarian Burek is heresy here in Bosnia (you will find it easily on a globe – imagine that a globe is a fat old european gAy, and Bosnia than would be his asshole) 🙂
      I was serious about your exhibition here. We could discuss it over e-mail?

      And you know what… your mocking with Borut has infected my blog now… does it mean that we are closer to EU or EU is totally fucked up so you guys decided to move here in rural paradise?
      Stay well both of you my European brothers, and you too, you poor bosnian fellow from Gradiška!!!
      Leopard man loves you (also… heresy here is to tell someone with balls that you love him)

  5. Do you really think I have what it takes to have an exhibition in Bosnia? I’m honored…it’ll be on your head if it goes horribly wrong! Are you willing to take that risk?

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