Short Spring Report

sanicani may-4
I’ve been away from my blog for some time. I have a lot of work to show but no time do it. Currently, I’m waiting for some more info about my possible exhibition at the end of May in Gallery 96. Also, I’m preparing a new story where I will try to resurrect a small mountain town, that has been abandoned some 40 years ago. Still working on a fish pond calendar for next year and here are some photos from few days ago.
sanicani may

sanicani may-2

sanicani may-3

I’m still here!!!

It’s been awhile since my last post. There are several reasons. Cold and snowy winter prevented me to do some shooting that I planed earlier and also, I’m working on several new series that I’m planing to do in next few months.

Things with “City portrait” series are slowed down a bit but I hope it will be different and changed in next few days.

Almost all the preparations are done and I will start with new series on Monday. I can not tell you what is it about yet because it is something completely new and very challenging for me. Also, concerning these new stuff, I’ll wait with posting it until it is finished, but I’ll continue with posts on other things.

Funky, odd New Year’s Eve

At first, I started this post with some philosophical statements about Balkan, Bosnia and people who lives here, but I realized that all of my statements are cliche and stereotypes that I’m trying to avoid.
The point is that I’m no good with words, and I believe I’m better through pictures.
My wife and I, decided to stay at home for the New Year’s Eve, have a nice dinner and maybe to go out to see some fireworks. I must admit, that last time I stayed home for New Year was some 15 years ago. So, for the first time in some period of time, I’m looking at New Year’s welcoming euphoria from certain distance and more like a bystander.
So, instead of only good fun and party, I experienced truly bad weather (thunders and lightning, ice storm and heavy rain), electricity power failures and lot of noise from fire crackers. Still, we had a nice time, eating, talking…
A friend came just a half an hour before midnight so we went out all together. So, this is what I saw:



city square two minutes before midnight 🙂


Ok, now, the technical part.
All images were made with Panasonic Lumix GF1 camera that I bought few weeks ago. I fell in love with it. It is compact, light, well built camera that in combination with 20mm 1.7 lens is producing images that are comparable with DSLR cameras with bigger sensor (ok, not with all cameras and not on ISO values at 1600 and higher).
In short, camera that can go with you literally everywhere but not consuming a space or effort to carry it.
I’m preparing a short (full of images) review of it, so if you are interested what is my point of view and my opinion on that camera, stay on or subscribe to my posts. For now, I will just say that it is great piece of equipment with very few things that could be slightly better. Great camera!!!

Autumn links

I’m trying to make this “linking post” thing regular, at least once in a season 🙂

Idea is to put here some stuff that truly caught my attention.

Few days ago, I was surfing a bit, just to rest from work and, while I was filtering (mentally) my RSS reader, one headline over THE CLICK blog looked like interesting stuff, so I clicked. On second thought…, maybe it was on some other feed but never mind, THE CLICK is great. Headline was something like… someone… on … VISURA, or new something on VISURA. So I went there. Nice looking magazine with lots of good images, features, artists, etc. Worth seeing. At VISURA magazine I clicked on artist ANDY SPYRA to take a look at his Kashmir story.andy spyra web site Those images I saw, left me speechless. For some time, I haven’t seen such strong and emotional reportage that instantly drove me in to. The rest of his portfolio is great too, but don’t miss to visit his BLOG that is full with images as it is his second portfolio. Very worth seeing… several times. There is a blog called ENGLISH RUSSIA – a daily updated entertainment blog about things concerning Russia and ex Russian Federation. Sometimes, it’s full of snapshots from some (forever interesting) Russian village from end of the globe and sometimes there are truly quality documentary images. For example, this story is called Star wars clone and this one is Star wars for real.
“The Best camera is one that is with You”. I believe I heard it long time ago, or maybe I read it somewhere…never mind. Lately,Chase Jarvis is using that sentence to promote his book of images taken with his iPhone ant to promote his iPhone application. Ok, he is Chase Jarvis and he is commercializing a quote that I believe isn’t his but that’s not the point. Point is that the quote is clean truth. I found myself, for thousands of times not being able to take a nice photo because my camera is not on my back. It is to heavy, or I just finished shooting and left it in my car, or my backpack is just too bulky to carry it around… even there is no excuse that is my reality. So, I decided to get a small camera with decent picture quality that I can carry around in my pocket or small shoulder bag. Not to do some assignment job with it, but to have it all the time with me (I’m not a maniac or camera addict, I’m just a photographer 🙂 ). This one caught my attention. And at the same end, I like to spice my posts with some images. Those are my phone images I took sometime through this year: (all post production thing is done in phone editor)

Aero chick Sky image_au