Springtime links

Last year, I tried to keep this kind of posts regular but I didn’t. Why? – I don’t know. There is always some stuff I would like to share with someone and here it is – the most interesting ones:

In case you don’t know about this – go check it out – very worth a look – 500photographers

Vladimir Vasilev made a good photo essay over Burn magazine – Life in concrete

Yanko Design is an interesting place – maybe someone will find some inspiration.

An at the end –  a short documentary made by young director from my home town – Prijedor – Jelena Topić.

A film about tradition and… judge for yourself!

An interview and scenes from exhibition opening

Scenes from exhibition opening in August 2010 and interview for the Art Scene program of Center for creative industry.

Autumn links

I’m trying to make this “linking post” thing regular, at least once in a season 🙂

Idea is to put here some stuff that truly caught my attention.

Few days ago, I was surfing a bit, just to rest from work and, while I was filtering (mentally) my RSS reader, one headline over THE CLICK blog looked like interesting stuff, so I clicked. On second thought…, maybe it was on some other feed but never mind, THE CLICK is great. Headline was something like… someone… on … VISURA, or new something on VISURA. So I went there. Nice looking magazine with lots of good images, features, artists, etc. Worth seeing. At VISURA magazine I clicked on artist ANDY SPYRA to take a look at his Kashmir story.andy spyra web site Those images I saw, left me speechless. For some time, I haven’t seen such strong and emotional reportage that instantly drove me in to. The rest of his portfolio is great too, but don’t miss to visit his BLOG that is full with images as it is his second portfolio. Very worth seeing… several times. There is a blog called ENGLISH RUSSIA – a daily updated entertainment blog about things concerning Russia and ex Russian Federation. Sometimes, it’s full of snapshots from some (forever interesting) Russian village from end of the globe and sometimes there are truly quality documentary images. For example, this story is called Star wars clone and this one is Star wars for real.
“The Best camera is one that is with You”. I believe I heard it long time ago, or maybe I read it somewhere…never mind. Lately,Chase Jarvis is using that sentence to promote his book of images taken with his iPhone ant to promote his iPhone application. Ok, he is Chase Jarvis and he is commercializing a quote that I believe isn’t his but that’s not the point. Point is that the quote is clean truth. I found myself, for thousands of times not being able to take a nice photo because my camera is not on my back. It is to heavy, or I just finished shooting and left it in my car, or my backpack is just too bulky to carry it around… even there is no excuse that is my reality. So, I decided to get a small camera with decent picture quality that I can carry around in my pocket or small shoulder bag. Not to do some assignment job with it, but to have it all the time with me (I’m not a maniac or camera addict, I’m just a photographer 🙂 ). This one caught my attention. And at the same end, I like to spice my posts with some images. Those are my phone images I took sometime through this year: (all post production thing is done in phone editor)

Aero chick Sky image_au

5am book by Borut Peterlin

Borut Peterlin – Slovenian photographer has a new book called 5am which is possible to purchase over Blurb.com. I know Borut for some time and we were discussing about his 5am project for few times and I saw just a small amount of pictures that he took on his long term personal project. It was just hard for me to visualize it as a concept but right now, after I saw his book (not real book but over Blurb and his web site here – and I will buy this book for sure) I’m amazed of how powerful it really is.

He captured that strange time of night/day with mixture of humor, empathy and with a great sense for dramatization. Well done Borut!!!


Click on image to view 5am gallery on Borut’s web site.

CLICK HERE to buy his book over Blurb

Springtime links

Here is some very interesting stuff (to me) so I’ll share and you enjoy:

JoeyL – great photographer (and only 19-years old) and interview with him over Robert Benson’s blog 

The Best Of Photojournalism 2009 – take time and check all galleries 

DoubleTruck magazine – magazine about photojournalism (all issues are possible for complete overview with zoom option and full screen)

Alenka Peterlin – if you need good book binding or a wedding photographer, check this one (she is based in Slovenia)

Winter links

I would like to share some stuff I’m in to in cold winter days:

Toxel – very inspiring blog about new tech designs and some crazy inventions.

Richard Nicholson Photography – like his portraits the most, but there are many interesting stories

Conscientious – fine art photography blog (this guy has new posts every day – amazing)

Simon Hoegsberg – don’t miss his We are all Gonna die – 100 meter long photo

Life in monochrome – Mustafah Abdulaziz blog – great New York city photographer


A Better Project

better-time1Every day Cartiere del Garda is committed continuing the growth in the direction of believe and development of industrial processes while respecting and preserving nature. This philosophy gave birth to “A Better Project”, which by growing every year is becoming a quality volume of photographic works about sustainability. For 2007. ten photographers have been selected and given the brief of depicting with their pictures and through their eyes their Better City. In 2008. other ten talented photographers have documented the experiences of one man’s spare time, and have given their interpretation of “A Better Time” – taken from www.abetterproject.it

I’m proud to say that I had a small role in this project while I was helping Borut Peterlin searching for material for his part in BetterTime project. On the page I mentioned above, you will find all photos from project and, among them, six Borut’s.

Also here is my previous post about B5 working on project and B5’s post about same thing.

Borut Peterlin workshop 8. XI 2008.

I’m glad to announce Borut Peterlins (Slovenian photographer)  workshop in Prijedor at Saturday 8. XI 2008. in Gallery 96 in main street – pedestrian zone. Theme of workshop will mostly be about lightening technique. Everybody who is interested is invited. If you haven’t seen his exhibition, please hurry up because it will last only ’till 1st of November. Exhibition is posted in Prijedors Gallery 96. If you have any additional questions, feel free to post it on this blog. Exact time of workshop will be posted later.

Drago mi je da mogu da najavim ponovno gostovanje slovenačkog fotografa Boruta Peterlina u Prijedoru, koji će 8. XI 2008. održati radionicu u prostorijama gradske galerije Gallery 96. Trenutno je tamo postavljena njegova izložba pa ukoliko je neko propustio da je pogleda neka požuri jer je izložba otvorena još samo nekoliko dana. Na radionicu su pozvani svi zainteresovani i ukoliko imate dodatnih pitanja, slobodno ih postavite na ovom blogu. Tačno vrijeme održavanja radionice će biti naknadno objavljeno.

Cheatin’ sync speed of non-dedicatet flash

Photographer David Ziser posted his video on Digital Pro Talk about overclocking sync speed of his Canon 40D (which has a native sync speed of 1/250) over to 1/400. Very intuitive. Love the part where he rotated his camera for correct exposure.


LAPP – Light Art Performance Photography

Interesting stuff I Stumble it upon. Incredibble photos which they make with some kind of LED lights with controled movement and they look great. I’m interested to know how they do it, so, if anyone has some ideas or know something about that, feel free to write it down.

Link: LAPP

Honored I am (B5 in action)

For last two days I had an opportunity to assist Borut Peterlin during his project in BiH. Great man, great photographer, great pictures. We were traveling around Prijedor region (maybe a little bit wider).  Here are some pictures of B5 in action and few pictures of an outstanding place called Janjske Otoke near Šipovo. Boruts pictures(portraits) you can find on his blog. I had a great time working with him, and I hope it would not be the last.

B5 in Nisevici B5 in Janjske Otoke

B5 in Janjske Otoke

B5 in Prijedor

B5 in Donje Vodicevo

And that fairy tale place Janjske Otoke:

Janjske Otoke

Janjske Otoke