Springtime links

Last year, I tried to keep this kind of posts regular but I didn’t. Why? – I don’t know. There is always some stuff I would like to share with someone and here it is – the most interesting ones:

In case you don’t know about this – go check it out – very worth a look – 500photographers

Vladimir Vasilev made a good photo essay over Burn magazine – Life in concrete

Yanko Design is an interesting place – maybe someone will find some inspiration.

An at the end –  a short documentary made by young director from my home town – Prijedor – Jelena Topić.

A film about tradition and… judge for yourself!

Final touch…

Still working on a theater play “Forever and a day” by Milorad Pavić – directed by Gradimir Gojer. There are few more days left until premiere night so tension is high and work is hard as never before. This is the last set of photos for this piece.

Theater menu

A few more from Prijedor city theater rehearsal of their new play Milorad Pavić’s “Forever and a Day”, adapted and directed by Gradimir Gojer. Still, they are rehearsing it without costumes.

Forever and a Day

New project in Prijedor city theater. Milorad Pavić’s “Forever and a Day – a Theater menu”. Interesting, multi – layered piece directed and adapted by Sarajevo based director Gradimir Gojer.

Premiere of a play is planned for end of April, and again, as I did before, I’ll cover it until.

Few from last night rehearsal:


Some commercial work

It was a while since I wrote or post something on my blog. The main reason was that I was contacted by one of the major mobile operators in BiH and asked for a proposition portfolio and for new ideas that they could use on their web site (mobile section, standard telephony, television on demand and internet section). They gave me a month to do it and I completed a small portfolio of 20 images that I sent them few weeks ago. I made some standard commercial shots that are usual for mobile operators as well as some more bold, provoking and humorous images.

Unfortunately, nobody from the company didn’t contacted me since. I tried to get some informations about it but without success.

I would like to thank to my friends and my awesome wife who helped me a lot organizing and executing these shots (with no budget at all). Many thanks to Goran, Tijana, Đurđa, Nikola, Tanja, Lala and Dragana.

Images are cut in a format needed for mobile operator’s web site.

P.S. Sorry for the big watermark.

Tatoo album art

Last night, I had a photo session with TATOO band from Prijedor. They asked me to shoot some photos for their upcoming album “Digitalni Snovi” (Digital Dreams). Thanks for the courtesy of people from shopping mall “Wisa” from Prijedor who allowed us to use their space after closing.
Here is the result:




What do you think, which one is the best? 1,2 or no.3? Maybe it will be an album cover so that is the reason of square format.



Concerning a technique, it is very simple. One treadmill stairs at a shopping mall and a small strobe handheld. Exposure of 8 sec. and that’s it. Post production is minimal too. Enhancing the contrast and color. That’s for first three images.
The rest are done in underground parking lot and with available neon light.

Here is Tatoo’s first video from their new album:

An interview and scenes from exhibition opening

Scenes from exhibition opening in August 2010 and interview for the Art Scene program of Center for creative industry.

No more visas for BiH!!!

I read about it a couple hours ago. From December the 15th, citizens of BiH and Albania will travel without visas for countries in EU.
What does it mean?
No more complicated documents and forms for embassies!
No more humiliation in cues in front of the embassies!
No more traveling to embassy for several times just to confirm you brought all the documents!
No more uncertainty will my visa be granted or not!
No more paying for visa!
No more ISOLATION!!!
Ok, custom officers have a permit not to let me in EU, but that is nothing comparing to all things I mentioned above.
Probably, most of the people (at least in BiH) don’t have money to travel around but only the sensation that one is free to go where ever you imagine (almost) is good enough for suffered souls.
It brings more opportunities, to see and to be seen, to learn and many, many more.
Few days ago, pigeons stayed on my window longer then usual. (Usually, they just crap on my window and go). Somehow, they were unafraid and intrigued of what is going on in my apartment as well as I was intrigued why don’t they fly away as usual when I’m standing below (I have roof windows). So… my natural reaction was to grab a camera and to shoot. It lasts for several minutes but pigeons were posing like they were aware of me taking some photos.
It has some symbolic meaning to me while I was expecting this decision about visas. It’s a cliche and I’m maybe too euphoric about it but now… free as a bird… (ok, not yet… but from 15th of December) 🙂


SANA springs protest

Sana is a river that flows through north-western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s 146km long and flows through cities of Ključ, Sanski Most, Prijedor and Novi Grad where it merges with river Una.

Yesterday, a Coalition for river Sana organized a protest meeting at Sana springs at the same place where a company from Banja Luka “LSB Elektrane” is trying to build a dam for a new hydro power plant of 4,9 MW capacity. Location of Sana springs is truly remote place some 120 km from Prijedor and not easily accessible.

Some 100 people get together on a meeting place and protested against building a dam. A several TV crews were there, organizers had their speeches, a few locals told their stories and that was it. There were no machinery or any kind of building sings except a road and some wooden boards at the place.
What are the consequences of building a dam over there:
– destroying a natural spring by making a accumulative lake (if you ask me – it is good enough reason to say it is a stupid and extremely destructive idea)
– making that water undrinkable
– because of the water tunnel that would provide enough trust to the turbines they (LSB Elektrane) are planing to drain river bottom in lenght of 3 km
– extreme influence on natural environment (cutting the forest and draining a river) will also cause an extreme outcome in the region itself
– and the most important thing – this country already export electricity and by the price much cheaper than for their own citizens (so what is the point of a small power plant in the middle of nowhere with the capacity for powering an oven).
So… what about that protest – do I think it will change something? No I don’t! With a just a bunch of people it looked like a bigger picnic. Would it be different if there were thousands of people? Then, I would be more optimistic.
Shame on you – people of Ključ, Sanski Most and Prijedor. Municipalities that counts a few hundreds of thousands of people couldn’t getter a few thousands of them. And some day, when you bring your children for a swimming on Sana river – don’t be surprised if Sana is dirty and smelly or if there is no Sana at all. Don’t be surprised but ask yourself – was there a chance to do something and why were you such a indifferent fool.
And one more thing… is there anyone who could provide the public with some informations about “LSB Elektrane”. Even the mighty Google don’t know anything about it.
It wouldn’t surprise me if it is a phantom company or if the owner is someone from the political center.
So… let me repeat again – if you are ready to submerge a natural spring of drinking water in a time when drinking water is considered as a sufficient good – what to expect from you in some less important stuff.

P.S. There is one more story but I will write on it some other time. For now – just a illustration:

DULE – a boy with a smile

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Unfortunately, Bosnian society is still very stigmatized when it comes to a theme of children with special needs and children with mental disorders. I went to a special school with an idea to show the energy and sensibility of the children and people who work with them, juxtaposed with a conditions they are dealing with. Initially, I’ve got a permit to photograph but in a few hours I was told that maybe it is not a good idea and not to do it anymore  (opinion of a special school director). I was disappointed and frustrated why people are so narrow-minded and suspicious.

Dule is a ten year old boy who caught my attention from the moment he entered a training room. First thing I noticed was that great and  affectioned smile. He came to ask me who am I and to tell me his name and went to play. I was petrified. I was expecting anything but this. I thought that they will be shy, closed, unreachable (and there are some kids that are very into their worlds), but that huge smile totally disarmed me.

I tried to be as much as unnoticed as I can be and leave them to do their therapy. But Dule was intrigued by my camera and I gave it to him. That huge smile he has all the time on his face became colossal. He was overwhelmed by the fact that he can capture a moment that stays forever in some strange box. With each picture he took, energy was stronger in that room. And just a few clicks after, everybody was smiling.

I would like to thank Žarko and Zorica who showed me a world that need to be showed and understood, and thank you Dule for making me smiling so sincere. I’ll be back there for sure. Somehow I’ll find a way.

GitarFest Banja Luka 2010 poster

Like last year, again I did a promo poster for upcoming GitarFest Banja Luka 2010 – international festival of classical guitar. This is version that goes to designer who will put rest of the informations on it. You will be able to see final result in a few days on GF website.

gfbl2010postertatoofull (1 of 1)-2