Bosnia General Elections or…

All the mambo-jumbos in pre-electoral campaign around Bosnian general elections  are in peak and it unfolds in the same manner as it unfolds some 4, 8, 12 or 15 years ago. Same people, same speeches, same demagogy as always. It doesn’t matter from whose mouth it coming from – political center, left or right direction… it is the same crap that bring this f…ing country in the position without solution for future.

Bad TV promotion, speeches without firm solution… hey ASS HOLES, I know what is wrong with this society, I don’t need you to recite about it whole day long. In this bunch of mediocre, there is no single person who will even try to explain or to give a plan for this suffering country.

And what about a campaign itself. Cities are literally buried in lousy political posters filled with empty phrases and claptrap and of course with bad lit – pig  face portraits. Will you ever realize that people are sick of you – don’t remind them. Will all the political activists and sympathizers and politicians themselves clean all the mess they created with this pre-electoral circus?

Filthy political mouths are full of fairy tales of how they will – if elected of course – give an opportunity for young forces to build this country as modern as it can be. Hey – no one can build a gold out of shit.

So here are some personal proposals for all political subjects in BiH:

1. If you want to speak about education you need to be educated yourself first – at least – hire someone to teach you some literacy, grammar and language rules – and please close all these private colleges you opened so you can produce uneducated – 7 words title – professionals.

2. If you want to speak about economy and industry – PLEASE DO NOT!!! Why? You destroyed everything this country has. I believe that BiH is only country in modern world where food industry is considered non-profitable and unsustainable.

3. If you plan to argue with your political opponents on TV – try to point to some arguments and facts and don’t curse and don’t try to humiliate your opponent.

4. PLEASE – don’t speak about how voting is important and how this elections will be crucial in lives of each of us. This elections will be crucial in lives of each of you – so at least admit it.

5. And at the end – my vote will go for YACGTTPWSINS (You All Can Go To The Place Where Sun Is Not Shining)

Will this post change something? Of course not! And that is our sad truth!

So… here is a small collection of  innovative poster places around the city:

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City portrait #25 – Srđan Vasić

I don’t know much about Srđan and I met him just a few days ago for the first time. But, there is an interesting story about Srđan and me. While I was working out of my hometown I was traveling by a car. Almost every day I was passing him running next to the main road that is entering the city. And so on… I was thinking for my self… what a fool this guy is (probably some of the international stabilization forces soldier) ’cause he is running through city center and he has all this beautiful nature around the town. Just a few days ago I found out that he is no foreigner and every time I met him in urban part, he was running from the mountain back to his home. And then I also found out that he is a free climber, that traveling by a bicycle for several hundreds of kilometers is no problem for him. And then… I realized… what a fool am I.
Don’t let the prejudice to guide you in your conclusions.

srdjan vasic (3 of 6)

srdjan vasic (4 of 6)

srdjan vasic (2 of 6)

srdjan vasic (6 of 6)

srdjan vasic (5 of 6)


Last night, summer stage, city of Prijedor. In my humble opinion the best BiH band in a long time. Inspirational music, poetic but intuitive lyrics, eclectic voice of lead vocal… no matter if you doesn’t understand our language, you should listen.
I just went to a concert with my GF1 camera and took some pictures out of crowd.
Thanks guys, hopefully, we will meet again!!!

letu stuke pd2 (5 of 5)

letu stuke pd2 (1 of 5)

letu stuke pd2 (2 of 5)

letu stuke pd2 (4 of 5)

Their new video for single “Brojevi računa” from incoming new album

And one from their last album “Proteini i ugljikohidrati”

City portrait #24 – Nikola Bogdanović

Nikola is a young graphic designer from Prijedor, BiH, who caught my attention few years ago with his set of lamps that he made out of trash and industry remnants. His work is extraordinary and very creative so I decided to by some of it.
Concerning this portrait, I had a big dilemma how to show his inspiration by light. So… we tried several times but I was not satisfied with the result and finally, yesterday it just hit me and we did it in a few minutes.
Here is the result:
lampaman (1 of 4)

lampaman (2 of 4)

lampaman (3 of 4)

lampaman (4 of 4)

And one of our earlier attempts:
nikola bogdanovic (1 of 1)

Friday night in PD

Exhibition opened. It was rainy Friday night. If you have  chance, come and visit it until 25th of August in Prijedor city Gallery 96. Thank you all who came!!!

Special thanks to: Dejan Dejanović, Dino Mrkalj, Radenko Marin and Tiho Ilijašević

All photos below by Dragana Motl.

Exhibition tonight at 8:30pm

Everything is set to go so I’m using this opportunity to call all of you who are somewhere near to come tonight to Prijedor city Gallery 96. Opening is set for 8:30 pm and exhibition will last until 25th of August.

Final City Portrait

This is my first group portrait in City Portraits series and in the same time last one in the same series. On the picture is DUU MANIFEST.

Once again, exhibition will take place in Prijedor city Gallery 96 on 30th of July 2010 and will last for a month. So, wherever you are, I believe you will find time to come to see it.

If you are interested in technical stuff about the photo, here it is:

This is not composite photo. It is one exposure of 61 sec. where I was running around all these people, lighting them with two small strobes from my hand (why two strobes? – I used them alternately because of the charging time).   F stop was 8 because I find it ideal for the power of my strobes but also good enough for some decent depth of field.

Short Spring Report

sanicani may-4
I’ve been away from my blog for some time. I have a lot of work to show but no time do it. Currently, I’m waiting for some more info about my possible exhibition at the end of May in Gallery 96. Also, I’m preparing a new story where I will try to resurrect a small mountain town, that has been abandoned some 40 years ago. Still working on a fish pond calendar for next year and here are some photos from few days ago.
sanicani may

sanicani may-2

sanicani may-3

City portrait #20 – Jelena Maksimović

I know Jelena for more then 15 years and ever since, she was ambitious and successful as she is today. She has a degree in Communications and mass media and works in city municipality as independent consultant for culture. She has been volunteering for long period of time and for several non governmental associations. While she was involved with “Sanus” organization (environmental protection association), she started a project for getting professional equipment for demo studio so young musicians from Prijedor region could record there.
So, therefore a portrait inside that same studio.


This is a two light setup. One light on camera right with small softbox and other bare light behind model. Studio is quite small so I had to be careful about unwanted reflections from musical instruments and bright ceiling. I like the texture that sound dumpers created. Good thing in such small room is that no ambient light is involved and you don’t have to worry about balancing it with your strobes. All control comes from amount of light from your strobes and your aperture value. Here… strobes are on half power, f7.1 and with shutter speed of 1/200. Because I didn’t have enough space to clean up the room, some of the instruments were covered with black canvas and those with most reflective surfaces were positioned behind me.

City portrait #19 – Rade Stupar

rade stupar
Rade Stupar – an actor. Oldest active actor in Prijedor city theater (although – retired officially). He played over thirty different characters in his career in several hundreds of shows. Very calm and pleasant person as well as expressive actor.
I imagine this portrait as a symbol to theater and that is why to faces on both sides of a photo. Tragedy and comedy. I put two lights setup on both sides of a subject and without any light modifier to gain a dramatic face expression. Put my camera to synchronize flashes on first curtain and through 30 seconds exposure we did two “side” faces that I lit up with small led torch (6 seconds each). Photo is taken in pitch dark so I needed some orientation points for subject where to stand. I used even smaller led torches on the flour.

rade stupar-2

I’m still here!!!

It’s been awhile since my last post. There are several reasons. Cold and snowy winter prevented me to do some shooting that I planed earlier and also, I’m working on several new series that I’m planing to do in next few months.

Things with “City portrait” series are slowed down a bit but I hope it will be different and changed in next few days.

Almost all the preparations are done and I will start with new series on Monday. I can not tell you what is it about yet because it is something completely new and very challenging for me. Also, concerning these new stuff, I’ll wait with posting it until it is finished, but I’ll continue with posts on other things.