Capturing movement in still image has been challenging for me since forever. Every time I’m using my camera, I’ll try it no matter what my subject is.

Capturing movement and energy that comes with it was always a challenging stuff for me. Not technically but emotionally. Panning, long exposure shots, intentional camera movement… all those things are rather easy to do. Express the feeling of motion in still image is quite hard (at least to me). Still trying to achieve that.

Natasa Konjevic working on her mural in Prijedor
Gaining interest
Children’s theater from Banja Luka
Traditional dance
Student’s theater from Banja Luka
Street race
Children’s theater Banja Luka
MTB race
Runaway bride

Author: Igor Motl

Freelance photographer from Prijedor, Bosnia whos work is mainly based on portrait photography and photo stories.

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