Light painting

Had a little time today (tonight) so I went to my parents place to test my new Led lights. I’m using Fenix LED lights and I’m amazed how powerful they are. Also, very well built and water resistant so even it rained a bit I was able to do some photos (to bad my camera isn’t water resistant).

Light painting is very wide field in photography because with very little effort one could make very effective photo and it could be done with things you have with you every day. A cigarette lighter, mobile phone, candle, you can paint with light even with your camera movements on long exposures.

It is interesting to experiment with light painting not only in abstractions but in portraiture, landscapes, and many many other fields. There are also a lot of examples on Flickr and other similar sites and of course, if you haven’t seen LAPP and Lightmark go and check it out.

What to say abut those images? Nothing special. Exposure was about 30 sec and only tunel-like photo was made with 2 min exposure. Camera on tripod of course.

My lights are Fenix P2D and Fenix E01.