I believe I can fly!!!

This Sunday, I had an opportunity to fly a bit with local aero-club pilots. (Many thanks to Vanja and Nešo)
Some 14 years ago I was on a training to become air glider pilot but after my theoretical exams, I didn’t passed the medicals. I have some problem with my eyes which is not treatable. I can not see a difference between green and red color in spectrum. So, after 14 years of disappointment, I’m airborne. I flew on a Piper and Utva plane.




Flight control 🙂

A beautiful experience!!! In all that excitement, I forgot to put a CF card in to my camera and all my reserved cards I left in my backpack. I realized that when we were 300 meters high. 😦 Stupid!!!
So, my mobile phone was my only witness 🙂 I recommend this to everyone, but not to be stupid as I was.