Fujifilm X-pro 1 recent work

I own this camera for almost a year, and honestly I can say that it is a piece of equipment that is at the same time admirable as well as frustrating.  Will try to explain it in next post. It will not be a classic camera review. It will be a completely subjective view to a gear with image samples.

Since I sold out all of my DSLR equipment I was forced to choose what and how to shoot on a different way. One camera, one lens and a lot of  patience.

Here are some images I did with it.

First set is a featured work, dedicated to first street mural in Prijedor as a result of COMPETITION for the annual international award “Paola de Manincor” for the best mural in Prijedor.

I cheated a little bit… some images are made with Panasonic Lumix GF1 (those two composites) 🙂

Second set is a wedding. I don’t do weddings very often but I find it to be very challenging and creative if you are devoted and not obstructed by some crazy wishes of drunk uncles and not so pretty aunts. 🙂 Sanja and Srdjan let me do this on my own way but with some reasonable wishes and suggestions. If you are confused by the images from the rock – that is the place they met so I decided to make a series and included it in their album.

Ok… I sneaked a few made with GF1 again… couldn’t  help myself (I simply love that camera) 🙂