GitarFest Banja Luka 2009 poster

I did a poster for IV International classical guitar Festival GitarFest Banja Luka 2009.
Basic idea for it came out of current world economical crisis that affected GitarFest too. So, Festival lasts for three days instead five as past years. Lots of Festival features are decreased or suppressed.
I decide to do a poster where artist will play on a small (decreased in size) guitar as a connection to actual economical situation. Also, name of the Festival will be changed a bit: GitarFest Banja Luka
Here are some of possible posters:




A musician

Aleksandar RađenovićAleksandar Rađenović, young classical guitarist who recently graduated at Academy of Arts in Banja Luka (RS, BiH). He works as a professor of classical guitar in music schools in Banja Luka and Prijedor and he’s active concert player. I did a short photo session today with him in Prijedor city theatre. We had just a few minutes on a main stage so we moved to the lobby which is very bad place to shoot (all the reflective surfaces that one could think of).




City portraits #3 – Igor Paspalj

igor paspalj

Igor Paspalj – guitarist and composer. In my professional opinion – one of the best ever walked on streets of Prijedor and wider. In my eyes, he is always in some speed, his gestures are nervous and in rush and I wanted to show that confronting a inner calmness that he need to posses as a teacher on Academy of Arts.


setup igor paspalj

Here is kind of setup photo. Idea was to drag him on that board with wheels (which is used for transporting pianos) and make photo with long exposure and two strobes. Exposure was about 8 sec. Everything would be ok if tarmac was flat (and we did it on the best you could find here).




BW photos are made earlier this year and they find their place on Igor’s new CD’s booklet.

igor paspalj 02








igor paspalj 08












igor paspalj 06











Links where you can find his music: