GFBL 011 poster

As well as past two years, I made a proposal for the promo poster of upcoming GitarFest Banja Luka – international clasical guitar festival. I made several options and not sure with which one to go. All three images have the energy I wanted but still can not decide which one is most suitable. I’m open to suggestions and opinions… so… shoot!!!

I created all these images in a pretty simple way and with no fancy studio stuff. Model was in a room with white walls and white ceiling. I used wide angle lens, natural window light from left, ISO was set to 800, shutter speed to 1/30 and aperture was f4. No strobes ’cause I wanted to capture a movement. Of course, these images are not straight from camera. Post production was simple. Rising up the exposure using a Brush tool in Lightroom and selecting areas that are white.   Model is “enhanced” by increasing contrast and clarity.

GitarFest Banja Luka 2009 poster

I did a poster for IV International classical guitar Festival GitarFest Banja Luka 2009.
Basic idea for it came out of current world economical crisis that affected GitarFest too. So, Festival lasts for three days instead five as past years. Lots of Festival features are decreased or suppressed.
I decide to do a poster where artist will play on a small (decreased in size) guitar as a connection to actual economical situation. Also, name of the Festival will be changed a bit: GitarFest Banja Luka
Here are some of possible posters: