A Gym

Just a few meters away from my apartment, ticket office of city stadium. Nothing much. Three small windows, a few steel bars and dirty concrete wall. It wouldn’t be unusual, if it’s purpose  is just selling tickets. No!!! A guy named Petar, started to practice his muscles and his body some ten years ago. Location was great – in the city center but isolated from the city rush, cheap – nobody asked for monthly fee, and finally – tough enough to outstand the weight of a human body. Petar started something that outgrow far from personal practice. People started coming around and in few years – community was formed. Musicians, high school students,  workers, sportsmen, physical enthusiasts… everybody was working out at “a gym”. Even young kids are practicing in secret while steel bars are “free”.

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P.S. For those people who are interested in technical part of this – all images made with Panasonic Lumix GF1 camera – JPGs straight from camera.

Funky, odd New Year’s Eve

At first, I started this post with some philosophical statements about Balkan, Bosnia and people who lives here, but I realized that all of my statements are cliche and stereotypes that I’m trying to avoid.
The point is that I’m no good with words, and I believe I’m better through pictures.
My wife and I, decided to stay at home for the New Year’s Eve, have a nice dinner and maybe to go out to see some fireworks. I must admit, that last time I stayed home for New Year was some 15 years ago. So, for the first time in some period of time, I’m looking at New Year’s welcoming euphoria from certain distance and more like a bystander.
So, instead of only good fun and party, I experienced truly bad weather (thunders and lightning, ice storm and heavy rain), electricity power failures and lot of noise from fire crackers. Still, we had a nice time, eating, talking…
A friend came just a half an hour before midnight so we went out all together. So, this is what I saw:



city square two minutes before midnight 🙂


Ok, now, the technical part.
All images were made with Panasonic Lumix GF1 camera that I bought few weeks ago. I fell in love with it. It is compact, light, well built camera that in combination with 20mm 1.7 lens is producing images that are comparable with DSLR cameras with bigger sensor (ok, not with all cameras and not on ISO values at 1600 and higher).
In short, camera that can go with you literally everywhere but not consuming a space or effort to carry it.
I’m preparing a short (full of images) review of it, so if you are interested what is my point of view and my opinion on that camera, stay on or subscribe to my posts. For now, I will just say that it is great piece of equipment with very few things that could be slightly better. Great camera!!!