City portraits #4 – Milenko Radivojac


Milenko Radivojac, director of Museum of Kozara in Prijedor (city museum). Totem-like object on the left side is creation of my own. I’m not satisfied with it. I imagine it like chronological totem and it should represent Prijedor through history. But, everything was organized for today and I had major problems to get those old licence plates. From that object you should see a place that was known even in Roman empire, was built on paper industry, passed through period of socialism and communism and after that a “new rise of nation” period and today, from cultural point of view, Prijedor is well known by its painters. There are over 50 academic educated painters.

Red building on left side of a photo is city museum and place where I took this photo is new museum yard recently built.

Milenko Radivojac is preparing a book (working title is Prijedor that is gone) with old photos and stories that are told by old Prijedor citizens.