Tatoo album art

Last night, I had a photo session with TATOO band from Prijedor. They asked me to shoot some photos for their upcoming album “Digitalni Snovi” (Digital Dreams). Thanks for the courtesy of people from shopping mall “Wisa” from Prijedor who allowed us to use their space after closing.
Here is the result:




What do you think, which one is the best? 1,2 or no.3? Maybe it will be an album cover so that is the reason of square format.



Concerning a technique, it is very simple. One treadmill stairs at a shopping mall and a small strobe handheld. Exposure of 8 sec. and that’s it. Post production is minimal too. Enhancing the contrast and color. That’s for first three images.
The rest are done in underground parking lot and with available neon light.

Here is Tatoo’s first video from their new album:

GitarFest Banja Luka 2010 poster

Like last year, again I did a promo poster for upcoming GitarFest Banja Luka 2010 – international festival of classical guitar. This is version that goes to designer who will put rest of the informations on it. You will be able to see final result in a few days on GF website.

gfbl2010postertatoofull (1 of 1)-2


Last night, summer stage, city of Prijedor. In my humble opinion the best BiH band in a long time. Inspirational music, poetic but intuitive lyrics, eclectic voice of lead vocal… no matter if you doesn’t understand our language, you should listen.
I just went to a concert with my GF1 camera and took some pictures out of crowd.
Thanks guys, hopefully, we will meet again!!!

letu stuke pd2 (5 of 5)

letu stuke pd2 (1 of 5)

letu stuke pd2 (2 of 5)

letu stuke pd2 (4 of 5)

Their new video for single “Brojevi računa” from incoming new album

And one from their last album “Proteini i ugljikohidrati”

City portrait #20 – Jelena Maksimović

I know Jelena for more then 15 years and ever since, she was ambitious and successful as she is today. She has a degree in Communications and mass media and works in city municipality as independent consultant for culture. She has been volunteering for long period of time and for several non governmental associations. While she was involved with “Sanus” organization (environmental protection association), she started a project for getting professional equipment for demo studio so young musicians from Prijedor region could record there.
So, therefore a portrait inside that same studio.


This is a two light setup. One light on camera right with small softbox and other bare light behind model. Studio is quite small so I had to be careful about unwanted reflections from musical instruments and bright ceiling. I like the texture that sound dumpers created. Good thing in such small room is that no ambient light is involved and you don’t have to worry about balancing it with your strobes. All control comes from amount of light from your strobes and your aperture value. Here… strobes are on half power, f7.1 and with shutter speed of 1/200. Because I didn’t have enough space to clean up the room, some of the instruments were covered with black canvas and those with most reflective surfaces were positioned behind me.

City portrait #18 – Dalibor Popović Mikša (take two)

dalibor popovic-5

Again, I tried to do a portrait with Mikša. And again, I let my mind wondering, and as a result, it evolved my original idea to this. I love that process!!!
Original idea was to show Mikša as an all around artist – musician, painter, song writer, wanderer… Then, he showed me his 2D/3D installation of railroad electrification wires. It gave me an idea to do something similar with photography.

dalibor popovic-4

dalibor popovic-3

dalibor popovic-2

dalibor popovic

dalibor popovic-8

dalibor popovic-7

dalibor popovic-9

Blues portrait

Dalibor Popović - Mikša

I had a plan today to do a new city portrait with an extraordinary person. Please, meet Dalibor Popović – Mikša. Extremely talented person. He is a painter by profession, but also a great guitar and saxophone player. His installations can be seen across Europe and also, he plays guitar and sax in a local band called Tatoo.
I had a great idea for his portrait (at least, I believe it was a great idea),but many things went wrong so I decided to do just a formal portrait for now and to try with a CityPortrait type some other time. We both tried to organized it well but without success. But, I’ll tell you something more about it after I materialize it.
Considering this portrait, I lit it with a bare Vivitar285HV set on a 1/4 power, f8 and shutter time of 1 sec. Why such a long exposure? It was total darkness and I wanted some details in my background. I shot it without a tripod.
BW version
Dalibor Popović - Mikša

City portrait #13 – Gojko Rađenović

Gojko Rađenović – Prijedor’s Music School principal (new name is Music school “Savo Balaban”). Music school in Prijedor exists for over 50 years and since then, its building was never repaired, until this year. It took one year and a half to finish all the reparations and through that period, music school was moved to 7 different locations.