No more visas for BiH!!!

I read about it a couple hours ago. From December the 15th, citizens of BiH and Albania will travel without visas for countries in EU.
What does it mean?
No more complicated documents and forms for embassies!
No more humiliation in cues in front of the embassies!
No more traveling to embassy for several times just to confirm you brought all the documents!
No more uncertainty will my visa be granted or not!
No more paying for visa!
No more ISOLATION!!!
Ok, custom officers have a permit not to let me in EU, but that is nothing comparing to all things I mentioned above.
Probably, most of the people (at least in BiH) don’t have money to travel around but only the sensation that one is free to go where ever you imagine (almost) is good enough for suffered souls.
It brings more opportunities, to see and to be seen, to learn and many, many more.
Few days ago, pigeons stayed on my window longer then usual. (Usually, they just crap on my window and go). Somehow, they were unafraid and intrigued of what is going on in my apartment as well as I was intrigued why don’t they fly away as usual when I’m standing below (I have roof windows). So… my natural reaction was to grab a camera and to shoot. It lasts for several minutes but pigeons were posing like they were aware of me taking some photos.
It has some symbolic meaning to me while I was expecting this decision about visas. It’s a cliche and I’m maybe too euphoric about it but now… free as a bird… (ok, not yet… but from 15th of December) 🙂