Portfolio + Blog page – question

I have plans to renew my portfolio page and also my blog page and I believe it would be nice to put it all together in one page.

WordPress is good platform and I was looking for some solutions around the web and couldn’t find something that will completely satisfied me.

Do you have some suggestions or some links to share.

I would like to keep a full screen presentation  of portfolio pages and also wide blog pages with side bar.

I looked at stuff Graph Paper Press has to offer and it looks nice.

Do you have similar experiences you could share?

Ok… price is significant factor but not crucial.

Feel free to give comments on this issue.

P.S. What do you think about new Fuji camera.

My new portfolio page

Few days ago, I received an e-mail from Cassidy Duhon – a photographer and founder of Oliad (new web portfolio solution for photographers), who offered me a sponsorship for 24 months. I’ll have a great portfolio page for free and it will be used as an example for Oliad promotion (a mutual promotion).

So, my old page (igormotl.com) is not active any more and new one at same adress will be active at the begining of October. Some of my posts were linked to my old web page and those links are broken now. All links will be in function in a few days.

Concerning my new portfolio page, I will let the design job to the professionals-designers to do it for me. Looking forward to see how it will look like.

Thanks again to Cassidy Duhon and to Oliad for noticing and liking my photography