City portraits #2 Dragoslav Babić


Today, a heavy ugly rain stopped me to shoot what I wanted so I had to find alternative location and alternative concept. On picture is Dragoslav Babić, president of Scuba diving club “Sana”, one of the oldest in BiH. Prijedor is one of few cities in BiH that have scuba diving club, but unfortunately, left to wane.  That suit on Dragoslav is club suit, those air containers (valveless) are in majority among few that function well. Local community doesn’t care about problems that Scuba diving club “Sana” have. Name “Sana” is the same name as river that flows through Prijedor.  


City portraits #1 – Darko Cvijetić

First of all, I would like to write few words about project I am on to. It is a “Portrait of a city” and it’s about my town Prijedor (RS, BiH). I would like to show my town throughout people who are promoting city of Prijedor on their own, unique or professional way. Artists, politicians, craftsmen, journalists…

First in series is one above. On picture is Darko Cvijetić – theatre actor, theatre director, poet. Currently works in Prijedor city theatre. Story behind this portrait is that I tried to connect him with some part of a city or with some city characteristics. Behind him is a “red building” (crveni soliter), a building from period of socialism that is connected with some sort of urban legend – building with high rate of suicides. Darko is a resident of that building and he knew few people who committed suicide up from that building. I put him lying down writing a poem as a some sort of homage to all who fell.







For lighting, I use small strobe Vivitar 285HV, Elinchrom triggers and Westcot silver reflective umbrella. Light was positioned on camera right and on full power. Backdrop was lightened by late afternoon sun.