Portrait of an artist

Few days ago, I went to artistic studio to have a chat with my friend Tihomir Ilijašević and to ask him to pose me for my series of City portraits. He agreed but had no time, so we decided to do it some other day. I managed to take some test shots of studio and him. My idea was to include some light painting in that portrait but for that we needed total dark. So, I didn’t call this portrait city portrait because it is not same concept, but I was pretty satisfied with the result so I decided to publish it.


tiho2I believe the post production on these photos is obvious, and yes, maybe a bit strong. I found some interesting Photoshop plug-in Topaz adjust (creative exposure tool). You can download it here and use it for a month for free without limitations (trial period). It is a toy, I know, but it was interesting to play with it a bit and to see what can be done. If you use it with control, it is amazing how details are preserved. I’m not fan of massive post production on photos but sometimes is interesting to play around

Here are the originals of upper images for comparison:










Hm, I just realize that this tool is well known in photo circles and that there is a Flickr pool on this theme and the hot water is discovered before.

Hopefully, new city portrait will come up soon.