Djelidba by Skender Kulenović

New play by Prijedor city theater – Djelidba (not sure about translation, but I believe the most closest word would be “dividing”) by famous Bosnian writer Skender Kulenović, directed by young Marko Misirača.

Final touch…

Still working on a theater play “Forever and a day” by Milorad Pavić – directed by Gradimir Gojer. There are few more days left until premiere night so tension is high and work is hard as never before. This is the last set of photos for this piece.

Theater menu

A few more from Prijedor city theater rehearsal of their new play Milorad Pavić’s “Forever and a Day”, adapted and directed by Gradimir Gojer. Still, they are rehearsing it without costumes.

Few more…

Here are few more images from Prijedor city theater rehearsal of Danilo Kiš’s A Tomb for BD.
Premiere is scheduled for 14th of November (Saturday) so if you are around, come and see it. At premier night in theater lobby, there will be an exhibition of my photos that I made during preparation of this piece.






I like to move it, move it!


I’m commissioned by the city theater to do stills for their new play. I went tonight to the main rehearsal just to get in to play a bit, to see how the light was done and to shoot some snapshots just to test it. Sometimes, I just like to play with my camera and I like to do something that has nothing to do with play itself but is interesting to me. So, I did a bit long exposure photos from hand while movement on stage was intense and here is result. Shutter speed was 0,5 sec. I’ll do the official shooting tomorrow, so I’ll post more info about the play after.