Third of five. Old wooden church in village Rakelići near Prijedor (cca 20 km south-east), Republic of Srpska, BiH. I don’t have much info about it. Tried to find local priest but without success.


This church is very intriguing. That’s why I called this post Mystery. There is no any info about it on the internet, people who lives there (at least those I talked to) don’t know much about it. There are many strange things. I was first person who walked around church in some time seeing that snow was untouched. Windows are broken. There is no cross on the top of the tower. And new church which is only few meters away has been visited often. There is a number 1859 next to the main entrance door engraved in wood, so I assume that is the year of built.



Some people asked me about my HDR workflow, so I decided to write it here.
First of all, I take my images on tripod and with delayed shutter of 2 sec. Usually, I’m taking not less then five images with different shutter speed (one full stop each). I generate HDR with Photomatix Pro (it is possible to do with both raw or jpg images). Slight tone mapping correction and after that I open my generated HDR image in Photoshop. I’m using NIK Software Photoshop plug in (which is great) and in it, Silver Efex Pro for BW conversion. Increasing contrast is only thing I do after the conversion. Then, if it’s necessary, I work on my image in Viveza (on of NIK applications) which is great with a unique U-point technology. A bit additional curves adjustment and that is it.