City portrait #8 – Gordana Vila


Gordana Vila – a television reporter. Working for the RTRS, ITC Prijedor, covering Prijedor region (6 municipalities).
I shoot her in a cowboy (cowgirl) style, because I do believe that working in media in Bosnia is like on Wild West, specially for a woman. A lot of discrimination and hard struggle to achieve respect and honorable position. Like a cowboy, always ready to “fight”.


City portrait #6 – Nedeljko Lajšić


Nedeljko is a cameraman on RTRS (Radio Televizija Republike Srpske) – a public information service. Mostly, he is recognizable by his camera. Also, Nedeljko is shooting few documentary films on his own and about war in Bosnia but with time distance and with stories from each side who participate in a clash.
I tried to accent his eye with light as a main tool in his job.


Theater photography

tre sorele

tre sorelle

I had an opportunity to work with local theater and to shoot for their archive. So, I did my preparation – read the script, went to rehearsals, did some test shoots on a pre premiere and finaly did my job. Sometimes , I had to improvise when guest show was on, and do my work on “place”, on premiere.  So, sometime, on a premiere show, theater was full of newspaper reporters with small compact cameras – and I do understand them ’cause they were doing their job – but so much flash lights in dark theater was so annoying. Next day, a reportage in newspapers was pretty short and general with bunch of bad pictures and lot of cliche “nothing to say” statements.

I asked a theatre manager how come that he as a manager can allow such thing happened when he has so much pictures in his archives? And why didn’t he organize a press conference where he could give some samples to newspapers?

Was I wrong?