SANA springs protest

Sana is a river that flows through north-western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s 146km long and flows through cities of Ključ, Sanski Most, Prijedor and Novi Grad where it merges with river Una.

Yesterday, a Coalition for river Sana organized a protest meeting at Sana springs at the same place where a company from Banja Luka “LSB Elektrane” is trying to build a dam for a new hydro power plant of 4,9 MW capacity. Location of Sana springs is truly remote place some 120 km from Prijedor and not easily accessible.

Some 100 people get together on a meeting place and protested against building a dam. A several TV crews were there, organizers had their speeches, a few locals told their stories and that was it. There were no machinery or any kind of building sings except a road and some wooden boards at the place.
What are the consequences of building a dam over there:
– destroying a natural spring by making a accumulative lake (if you ask me – it is good enough reason to say it is a stupid and extremely destructive idea)
– making that water undrinkable
– because of the water tunnel that would provide enough trust to the turbines they (LSB Elektrane) are planing to drain river bottom in lenght of 3 km
– extreme influence on natural environment (cutting the forest and draining a river) will also cause an extreme outcome in the region itself
– and the most important thing – this country already export electricity and by the price much cheaper than for their own citizens (so what is the point of a small power plant in the middle of nowhere with the capacity for powering an oven).
So… what about that protest – do I think it will change something? No I don’t! With a just a bunch of people it looked like a bigger picnic. Would it be different if there were thousands of people? Then, I would be more optimistic.
Shame on you – people of Ključ, Sanski Most and Prijedor. Municipalities that counts a few hundreds of thousands of people couldn’t getter a few thousands of them. And some day, when you bring your children for a swimming on Sana river – don’t be surprised if Sana is dirty and smelly or if there is no Sana at all. Don’t be surprised but ask yourself – was there a chance to do something and why were you such a indifferent fool.
And one more thing… is there anyone who could provide the public with some informations about “LSB Elektrane”. Even the mighty Google don’t know anything about it.
It wouldn’t surprise me if it is a phantom company or if the owner is someone from the political center.
So… let me repeat again – if you are ready to submerge a natural spring of drinking water in a time when drinking water is considered as a sufficient good – what to expect from you in some less important stuff.

P.S. There is one more story but I will write on it some other time. For now – just a illustration: