City portrait #7 – Slavko Elijaš

slavko elijas city portrait-3
Slavko Elijaš – professor in secondary Electro technical school in Prijedor and head of school’s research section. Together with his students, won numerous awards in Republic of Srpska and abroad. Many of their patents are potential mass production products. Among them are new anti-burglary locking system, water pressure systems, traffic lights smart control and many others.
I noticed great atmosphere while they were working at their class, relaxed but serious.
Here are some links where you can find something more about their work:

On picture, I asked Slavko to hold an apple as he will throw it on a students head. I used it as a symbol of inspiration (Isaac Newton case)that he is giving to his students while provoking their way of thinking.
Many thanks to fourth grade of secondary Electro technical school Prijedor who helped me with this portrait, specially to Dragan and Dražen who provide me with informations about their achievements.