Intimate space


 This picture was made for Nikon photo competition few years ago. It didn’t went to the official competition because the post office in my country didn’t ship it at all. So the picture came back to me after almost a year without any stamps except of my home town. It was made for category: intimate space. Conceptual portraits are the most interesting side of photography for me.

Author: Igor Motl

Freelance photographer from Prijedor, Bosnia whos work is mainly based on portrait photography and photo stories.

5 thoughts on “Intimate space”

  1. I like the concept, just the key factor here is that he is not in the toilet, but outside. Nevertheless the composition is set as you were trying to isolate a person from the background. I think that’s a mistake. Background should be more, much more included, so you would saturate the contrast of the “intimacy”.

    Baš šteta za poštu i to…


  2. @Borut
    Yes, you are probably right. I did it few years ago (maybe in 2003 or 04) and that was my way of thinking at that time. I also did a full session from different angles and at different places but I wasn’t satisfied with results. This one was the best I could do then. Probably, today I would have done it differently. Maybe I’ll try. I agree with you for the background.
    Thank you for comment.

  3. Probably a little late in the day to comment but but but…I like that picture. I’d love to have a blog but I have very little to say. I just have a site that I update from time to time.

  4. @JC
    We have similar way of thinking, but I dont have a website so I’m not saying anything on my blog. 🙂 Main reason for opening this blog is a project I’m preparing for some time, but still didnt begin with it… so… better days are close.

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