City portrait #12 – Nešo Nožinić


Finally, a new portrait. I’m back!!!
Nešo Nožinić – a pilot. Idea to take a portrait of him came to me long ago because as long as I’m aware of myself, I know for him and for his passion for hight. We were discussing yesterday of how the picture would look like and how am I going to do it and as I mentioned one old airplane on a empty field in small village near Prijedor called Međuvođe, I saw a sparkle in his eye. After a small break, he told me that the airplane, that I want to include in the picture, is the same airplane from which he had performed his first free jump while he was at the parachute training.

Through Nešo, I wanted to indicate on a long tradition of flying in Prijedor. That old devastated airplane of Kurir type is a monument to a partizan pilots from WW II that took 2 German airplanes and escaped to a non occupied territory of Prijedor and formed first partizan squadron. Those two pilots were Franjo Kluz and Rudi Čajevec.





Author: Igor Motl

Freelance photographer from Prijedor, Bosnia whos work is mainly based on portrait photography and photo stories.

2 thoughts on “City portrait #12 – Nešo Nožinić”

  1. Great portrait! I love the dramatic light and sun set! Lovely! I’m only wondering how would it be if Nešo would be less static. I don’t know how, just wondering. I love the behind the picture story! I’m sure every magazine would want to publish so interesting portraits of interesting people!

  2. Thnx Borut!!!
    Probably it would be much interesting and with more dynamic if he was not so static 🙂
    Maybe, if I could spend some more time with my models just to try more scenarios. I tried to offer this to some magazines but they weren’t interested because, mostly, those stories are of local character.
    Maybe I have to try harder!?

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